Sign up for Water Wise Workshops

WATErwise workshop

Hands on instructional workshops will be held
once a month free for Vancouver residents at
a local community centres, and upon
completion of the workshop attendees will
receive a free water saving kit. 

WHat's in the water saving kit

Especially suited for older homes, this kit can
help retrofit your kitchen and bathroom use
up to 20% less water, and save up to 15%
on your water heating bill.

The indoor kit includes:
Efficient self-cleaning showerheads 
Dual-setting Touch Flow kitchen aerator 
Faucet sink aerators 
Toilet tank bags 
Leak detection dye tablets 
Roll of Teflon tape 

sign up for June 25 2016

Saturday (3-5pm)

Mount Pleasant neighbourhood House

What is the GPM on you washroom sink faucet